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Mana Confluence

Pioneer RCQ Cycle 7 MTG July 13th

Pioneer RCQ Cycle 7 MTG July 13th

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The MTG competitive system is back in action!
This 30$ competitive REL Pioneer event can earn you invites to the Regionals, which leads to the mtg Pro Tour Curcuit!

Format: Pioneer, Swiss Competitive REL with cut to top8
Entry: 30$ (Taxes Included)
Date: Saturday July 13, Player meetup at 10:55 AM
Location: Mana Confluence Aylmer, 10 rue Belmont. Gatineau QC, J9H 6J5
Parking likely to be full in these events, can use the large parking up the road (210 Chem. d'Aylmer, Gatineau) in front of the Strip malls.

Qualifier Prizing:
-1st to 4rth place earns an invite to the Calgary Pioneer Regionals, alongside a Foil Promotional 'Goblin Guide' Card.
Winner of the event earns a promotional Goblin Guide Playmat.
-1st to 16th place: nonfoil Promotional 'Goblin Guide' card. Excess will be distributed amongst the top ranking players (top 8 or top4)
-First 32 Participants gets a promotional 'springleaf drum' card as entry bonus. Excess gets distributed amongst all players.

-What is the Regionals Invitation for?
FaceToFaceGames will host a Regional Constructed event, in which you need to earn one of these invitations per regional you wish to participate. Participating in those events earn an addition exclusive promo, and performing well may get you invited to a MTG Pro Tour or even Worlds!
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